"Archery - Tension to the Shot"

Have you always wanted to feel the fascinating power of a bow?
Knowledgeable, precise and yet easy to understand, the participants are introduced to the handling of bows and arrows as well as to the intellectual attitude of archery, and then quickly move on to practice.

After proper instruction, you can familiarize yourself with the bows and choose the right bow during the shooting-in exercises.

After that it we start our team competition. Whether in the middle of the target or on a balloon, it is important to shoot the arrows accurately. And that requires skill, practice and a bit of luck. Depending on the configuration, it is played in teams of 2 or 3, whereby the team composition in the game can change.

The archery can be carried out as a standalone team event or integrated as an element in another program.

Our service:

  • Over 10 years experience
  • Planning and preparation on site
  • All "AUSBLICKER" have a professional pedagogical education
  • Professional equipment
  • Award ceremony afterwards
  • Optional: Winner prizes and outdoor buffet

Request for Archery classic

Region: Frankfurt, Rheingau, Kloster Eberbach, überregional
Participants: 10 — 150
Duration: 1 - 2,5 h
Price: from 39 € pp

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