Raft building

The best seafaring crews meet regularly to compete in the Team Seafarers Challenge. The aim of the crews is to acquire the coveted seafaring diploma of the first degree and win the regatta.

This award can only be obtained by completing the required team exams. In the direct competition we will see the true team spirit of the crews. The crews now compete against each other in direct competition with different disciplines. Of course, each crew has their own flag to support them and loud battle cries ready.

At the end of the competition, the crews now prove their seaworthiness on the water in a regatta. Each seafaring team constructs their raft, which can be built and embellished even more seaworthy with more bonus material at a major auction.

Program Description

Welcomed by the venue, we announce the program and divide it into teams. Together with your crew, it is now time to build a raft. This requires not only a certain creativity and craftsmanship, but also team spirit and cooperation.

First, you will compete against the other teams and thus "earn" the material for your raft. Once the raft is roadworthy, the crews on the water can compete with the others.

We take care of your physical well-being in between on request. But we also organize an atmospheric ending with good food for you.

Our service:

  • Over 10 years experience
  • Professionally trained trainers
  • Individual planning and organization of the event
  • Provision of material and quality equipment
  • On request, outdoor buffet and winner prizes

Request for Raft building

Region: Frankfurt, überregional
Participants: 10 — 100
Duration: 2,5 - 6 h
Price: from 69 € pp

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